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Normal Civilization: Infinite efficiency and Zero Cost

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Efficiency of final delivered goods and services and of actual end use is 1 to 2 percent :India

This is a good discussion of the players in the thoroughly discredited modern civilization(mc) as it is played out in the new millennium. Bharat J discusses elements of a normal civilization(nc) when he writes about jobless growth and weavers, without going into the details of the glaring lacuna of the designs and their implementations in trying to meet the needs of mc.
This was perspicaciously brought out by Mahatma Gandhi in 1908, taking one look at mc. He said: Given enough time mc will destroy itself. There is a felt painful need to make a new law which will force the designs to enable production, consumption and RETURN, instead of waste because of Gandhi's law as stated above. Today, because of the imperfect knowledge(read corrupted truth) portions of modern civilization are exerting increasingly greater cumulative effects on one another leading to catastrophes: Example: the dams of the world are supposed to meet our water needs including spiking electricity demands. But the side effects are catastrophic: direct heating up of the earth, aggravating the extremes of weather in hydrological cycles leading to climate change, earthquakes which by a nuclear effect are causing nuclear catastrophes like Chernobyl, Fukushima and dam surge effects like at Kedarnath, and explosions in underground nuclear waste depositories like at Kyshtym and WIPP, New Mexico, mine explosions, spontaneous fires, arctic blasts and others. Growth must also be in the gross nature produce, not just mining our resources for evil profiteering. The utter neglect of lost opportunity in destroying nature instead of living by income from her is lost in mc which sees human beings and other embodiments of living energy as a liability. The need is to recognise the infintely superior godly design of living beings. Their outputs are precious, their excreta when returned to the earth are seamlessly used again to enable the production process of, for example food, to go on indefinitely. The parallel economy of mc is in direct contrast to that of normal civilization in harmony with nature. Neither modification or har-vard is the way. Its hariward- Ishvara life cycle that demands respect and implementation.

But look at the way the government of India through M oily and Manmohan Singh are going against the constitution and the Human Rights Charter of the UN:

PMO pulled out all stops to weaken eco, forest norms

The dangers of modern civilization are highlighted in the following discussion on efficiency of modern civilization which neglects the cycle of life and concentrates only on production, consumption and waste instead of return.

If an electrical energy programme is to deliver 83000 MW by 2017 the efficiency of final delivered goods and services and of end use may be as low as 1 to 2 percent. See Table EFDGSU:

A huge electrical energy programme slated to deliver a capacity of 83000 MW by 2017 including some 10080 MW nuclear may foreclose many a development project and concentrate only on energy resulting in huge non performing assets.
Instead, on the same total area, forests will deliver a permanent returning power flow of 2 million megawatts in a decade at the rate of 40 MW/km^2 area demanded by nuclear and fossil and hydro plants. This is the lost opportunity which must be factored in as is done below.

This is revealed by an Input Output analysis of the Indian Economy and a look at the 12th Five 
Year Plan and the energy audit of the Indian Nuclear Programme.

In the table below, the items for the year 2003-2004 are in percentage terms as given in the first reference. That is if goods and services are 1800 with 100% for each item of goods and services  then energy component of this is 449.9 got by adding up the energy component in percent for each item of goods and services. So if the goods and services in 2003-04 measured 1800 lakh crores of rupees, the total of the energy components is 449.9 lakh crores of rupees. For all the other items(for the period 2012-2017), the items are estimated actuals, except for the computed efficiencies.
For information on Project cost and time in public sector see
Sebastian Morris.1990.“Cost and Time Overruns in Public Sector Projects”, in
Economic and Political Weekly, Nov.24, 1990, Vol. XXV, No.47,pp.M-154 to M-
In the 12th Five Year Plan the Incremental Capital Output Ratio ICOR is the highest so far(4.6, estimated)!
(Second Reference given in the table).

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Much of India's Rural Areas still await electricity and nuclear energy programme will push the wait to eternity!

By R. Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
Much of rural India still waits for electricity
"Electrification was central to how early nationalists and planners
conceptualized Indian development, and huge sums were spent on the
project from independence until now," says Sunila S. Kale, assistant
professor of international studies. "Yet despite all this, nearly 400
million Indians have no access to electricity. Although India has less
than a fifth of the world's population, it has close to 40 percent of
the world's population without access to electricity."

Kale explores some of the reasons for India's lag in providing
electrical power <http://phys.org/tags/electrical+power/> in her book
/Electrifying India: Regional Political Economies of Development/, to be
published by Stanford University Press in Spring 2014. The book has
already garnered a top award from the American Institute for Indian Studies.

But with nuclear energy programme that the government is adopting, simultaneously waging a campaign of calumny and libel and worse like arresting and putting in jail lakhs of Indians for opposing nuclear power, society will not get electricity for the next five decades at least from these programmes. Society will be supplying power from coal and hydro to these nuke cycles and industry in gargantuan amounts, several energy audits show. The effect of these nuclear energy programmes is to reduce the availabilty of electricity to the consumers outside the nuclear industry,year after year:.
The present installed capacity in India is as follows:
Thermal About 160000 MW Hydro About 40000 MW(See CEA Installed Capacity Dec2013).
See the dynamic energy audit of nuclear programme with 1000 MW nuclear reactors:
See the link:
Considering a nuclear energy programme of 24000 MW capacity addition during the next 28 years from 2014 to 2042,by the 23rd year of the programme, some 60000 MWyears of the  energy-capacity would have been siphoned off to the n-programme.  Also the electrical All India Capacity available to society in the form of thermal+ hydro is reduced  from 200000 MW by 6666 MW, being the nuclear industry need(NID), the maximum being 10600 MW NID in the 18th and 19th years of the programme!
Note from the Table that during the entire 28 years of the programme not a single unit of electricity will be available to consumers outside the nuclear industry! For 28 years till 2042!
That is why the real price of nuclear electricity for India will be infinity!

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Nukes the biggest non performing assets- they will never perform. RBI please outlaw these NPAs now.

Stop funding nukes, they owe all life everything, including their lives.

R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

"We will continue to sit here and this will be the best Republic Day.
People will come from different parts of the country and this Republic
Day there won't be processions but government will find people on the
And who will be the Chief guest for the Republic Day Celebrations? Abe! And he is the supporter and inciter of the genie Fukushima triple meltdown and death of the Pacific Ocean and deliberate random premeditated mass murder and noted champion of modern civilization whose dams exploded Fukushima Daichi.
These champions in India of nuclear energy are busy creating non performing assets out of scarce minerals and genocide by technological enhancement of uranium:
Read what is in store for the indian nuclear programme during normal
operations in view of our high population density by google search at
Kudankulam and cancer deaths. Table 1 there shows that for a total
nuclear capacity of 33744 MW at Kudankulam,Kaiga,Kovvada, Jaitapur and
Ghorakhpur, non performing expenditure is generated to
the tune of Rs12 lakh Crores at Rs20350 Cr for the Haryana nuke park.
See Table 1 at
Energy audit shows that society outside the nuclear industry incurs at
least 5 times the energy delivered to the society during the entire life
time of the plant! See by google search energy audit of the indian
nuclear programme. Note that an expenditure equal to that for the nuke
park alone is generated for each of the following items: Transmission
and Distribution, requisite hydro generating capacity for stability of grid,waste storage and decommissioning and management.
normal operations of the nuclear fuel cycle, every year at least 87400
excess cancer deaths are estimated due to these nuclear parks in Table
1. Kejriwal sanctioned Rs 1 Crore compensation to the family of a
policeman who died during a raid on a drug mafia recently, cites
newsreports. At this rate reparations for these ensured perfect mass
murders EVERY YEAR would
be Rs 87400 Cr. 20 year reactor operation reparations would be Rs 1.75
lakh Cr. What a perfect deliberate genocide! It is 37 Bhopal immediate
deaths worth @ 2259 persons every year for one Bhopal! Hope the Reserve Bank of India
takes note of the staggering non performing assets generated and nuke
wastes generated and associated omnicide and issues a decree outlawing
nukes forthwith.
The parliament must outlaw nukes.
See  http://energyauditnuclearprogrammeindia.blogspot.in/2013/05/right-to-life-prevails-absolutely-over.html
Today the courts are vehicles where wrong is twisted to be right and right is made into wrong. There is total anarchy in the law and order machinery where law enforcers dont register common people's complaints. Kudos to the Delhi government for fighting for people's legitimate and timely justice. May truth triumph.

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Right to life prevails absolutely over nuclear energy programmes.

Re: Koodankulam: A Court In The Supreme Contempt Of Its People
By P K Sundaram


Quote 1:"The Supreme Court’s verdict on Koodankulam rests on three hugely contested premises: the judges’ belief in the necessity of the nuclear energy for India’s progress, their faith in the country’s nuclear establishment to perform its role, and the judges’ notion of the larger public interest and the apprehensions of small sections which should make way for the country’s progress. Not only have the judges given judicial sanctity to these contestable propositions, but have also completely overlooked the Koodankulam-specific brazen violations of the government’s own norms, raised by the petitioners."

Quote 2:"In retrospect, the struggling people of India would find approaching to the Supreme Court in such matters pointless, and counter-productive, as the courts themselves are part of the system which has failed to address the widening gap between the aspirations and lives of the deprived masses and the mainstream notions of ‘larger public interest’. Prayers before the judiciary on such matters ends up legitimising the same ‘experts’ and disastrous notions of progress that the people have been fighting against."(Italics mine).
©  Copyright 2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
Nuclear energy programmes year after year consume more energy than they deliver. If one studies the energy audit of the indian nuclear programme(Google search) one sees the truth of this audit. India will get no power from nuclear energy ever and will land in a situation thirty years from now burning coal twice as fast as now. The safety on which Kudankulam or any nuclear fuel cycle boasts of is based on witchcraft which substitutes the effects of external radiation for the infinitely more dangerous internal contamination and prescribes a dose to the public of 1 millisievert per year when in contrast the European Committee on Radiation Risk 2010 allows not more than a tenth of this! The nuclear waste problem is insoluble(See KOLAR,SELLAFIELD AND YUCCA MOUNTAIN!) and nukes require 100% safety which cannot be satisfied because of human fallacy, obvious even at Kudankulam and Jaitapur. With nuclear programmes,  we will be causing at least 40 Bhopals a year of additional cancer deaths.See Kudankulam and Cancer Deaths by Google search. This is the biggest scam of all time. Oh! Well even one Bhopal was enough for the people. Thereafter came Chernobyl(1986)(What were you doing?I wrote a leader in the Kannada daily Prajavani of 29 May 1986 on the negative energy audit of nuclear energy programs: What were NPCIL/DAE/AERB doin?),Naroara(1993)(Why were you sleeping on the turbine replacement advice by GEC?), Kashiwasaki Kariwa(2007)(I warned of Fukushima then itself, what were you doin?) and Fukushima(2011)(What were you doin?)-All these were triggered in addition by the World's dams(See by Google search Glaring lacuna in meeting water needs-The Chernobyl disaster). You do not know and do not know that you do not know. He is wise who listens with a multi log attitude and renouncing all attachment to happenings in the world. But Calumny it is , says the conscience which requires being good in thought word and deed. People must go far beyond the trivial laws which allow nuclear weapons and nuclear energy and on a worldwide basis outlaw them all effectively-one 100 percent.

Regarding 'the judges’ notion of the larger public interest and the apprehensions of small sections which should make way for the country’s progress.', we can dismiss this notion by the argument of the energy audit and health considerations above by stating  that there is no benefit at all to society by incurring contamination of our bodies by nuclear fuel cycles because the energy delivered to society is much less than the energy consumed by the nuclear industry. It is thus a question of avoiding useless actions while preserving health on a permanent basis.

Thus right to all life absolutely prevails regarding the nuclear energy programs as well as nuclear weapons. Thus nuclear energy should never be an option and regarding nuclear weapons, there must be 100 % nuclear disarmament worldwide.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The water shortage in the world is due to the nuclear fuel cycles,stop them and save life.

2.8 billion people are facing water shortage directly because of 370000 Megawatts of nukes gobbling 1.5 billion cubic meters of water daily: Stop nukes.

© 2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar 

World water day
Deepti Kaul (HindustanTimes.com)
New Delhi, March 22, 2006

2.8 billion people face water shortage now. Nuclear power plants(370000 megawatts capacity today) alone run on 1.5 billion cubic meters of water per day which is however badly required for these 2.8 billion people to live! And the consumption of water by the nukes is wasted fresh water because the nuclear energy programme consumes much more energy than the electricity it delivers to society outside the nuclear industry year after year. And the fresh water is converted to radioactive water which remains poisoned for 400 thousand years! Thus you solve the water problem by making the UN stop promoting the useless poisoning nukes and making it illegal to go ahead with nuclear energy. Let us all resolve to direct all our energies(at our power peak capacity of 400000 megawatts of living energy, much more than that of the existing nuke capacity) to stop nukes and change our ways to harmonise with nature by cooperatively planting trees and reforesting the world without using dangerous and unacceptable genetically engineered trees. This is the way to survive. Google search for
Isothermal engines, the perfect design for living energy use
and discuss the details.
The link:
The link/reference for forests and their regeneration:
Panurang Hegde.2013. GM trees a threat to forests' diversity. Deccan Herald. March 21 2013.
For a fundamental reason against Genetically engineered life see
Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.2010.Is Justice In or Out? at

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The Nadir of Nukes: They murder. Stop them now.

Re: Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant Is Destined To Reset The Nuclear Priorities In India
By Buddhi Kota Subbarao
16 October, 2011


Commentary by Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

© 2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

This is an excellent article highlighting why the Kudankulam questions are destined to reset the nuclear priorities and  hence of the excesses of modern civilization  in India and the world. And there are many new ones which have intensified the cumulative effects of many interventions of man into nature, resulting in the rape of Mother Earth, rendering many a habitat of life unusable, and many systems to meet the felt needs of greedy excesses of modern specialist societies going far beyond the design basis limits of operation. I have shown in peer reviewed articles why nuclear energy programmes consume more energy and power than they produce from year to year.Google search for energy audit of the indian nuclear programme for details.  Thus we will forever be supplying energy and power to the nuclear programmes ad infinitum and will be forever short of electricity. This will mean ever more nukes on Mother Earth poisoning and converting us all life into nuclear wastes. Nukes therefore economicswise and healthwise compromise our very basis of existence, rendering all the web of nature radioactive. That is why the late Chair of USNRC Dr John W Gofman remarked in 1979 itself:"There is no way I can justify my failure to help sound an alarm over these activities many years sooner than I did. I feel that at least several hundred scientists trained in biomedical aspects of atomic energy-myself included-are candidates for Nuremburg type trials for crimes against humanity for our gross negligence and irresponsibility. [But] now we know the hazards of low-dose radiation, the crime is not experimentation, it's murder." 
Another serious cumulative effect is that of stabilising the grid with hydro power plants because of the proliferation of base load plants like nukes. The hydro plants and other dams meeting our needs cause the direct heating up of the earth causing rocks to melt causing huge earthquakes which destroyed Fukushima  as well as causing climate change,along with other causes. Further during the dynamic disequilibrium period when the water moment arm of the waters behind dams is moving from one earthquake to another, the water moment surges attack the base of the structures like nukes and cause vibrations which may throw the dynamic balance of the turbine awry! And cause the blades to fly. Look at the 31 March 1993 331 AM graveyard shift occurrence at Narora:(yyyy,mm,dd,hhmmss.SS,Latitude, Longitude, Magnitude of quake,Depth km,data group(USGS)
1993,03,30,214321.16, 42.994, 145.320,5.0, 94,PDE 
  1993,03,30,222522.10, 38.379,  45.047,4.5, 45,PDE 
As the water moment arm moved from longitude 145 to longitude 45, it struck Narora(Latitude = 28.1967, Longitude = 78.3814 ) turbine foundation at 2215 UTC on 30 March 1993 to throw the turbine off balance and the rest is history! Of course the cracks might have been waiting for just such a trigger!
For comparison see what could have happened to the Mumbai Bridge near the airport on 6 Feb 2013:
2013-02-06   17:19:31.0    11.66     S      165.06     E      10    5.0     SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
2013-02-06   17:14:14.1    38.74     N      40.28     E      5    1.8     EASTERN TURKEY
by analogy. Data from EMSC(Google search).
The location of Bridge Collapse: Latitude = 19.1173, Longitude = 72.8840 
Let us analyse a little to see the logic of this scientific assertion.
Let us compute the distances.
Taking Narora first:
The distance from the Japanese location 42.994, 145.320 to the Turkey Location 38.379,  45.047 is 7919 km.
The distance from the Japanese location to Narora is
6103 km.
The ratio is 6103/7919 =
The time difference Turkey to Japan is =

Thus the time of arrival of the water moment surge at Narora  is Japan quake time + time difference Japan to Narora=
This is 22hrs 15 mins 44 seconds.
The time of start of Narora occurrence is given as 3 hrs 31 mins IST 31 March 1993 or 22 hrs 01 mins UTC.
Thus the surge has arrived some 15 minutes earlier than the linear proportion time computed or is off by .25/22.016 x 100 = 1.13% !
Whether this is a fluke can be determined by arbitrarily choosing the Mumbai bridge collapse of 6 February at 2245 hrs IST or 1715 hrs UTC.
The distance to Santa Cruz Islands quake location from that of E.Turkey is 13802 km. The distance to Marol bridge collapse location from that of East Turkey is 3815 km.
The distance ratio is
The time of surge arrival at Bridge collapse point is Time of East Turkey earthquake + (time difference between Bride collapse and East Turkey quake=distance ratio x time difference Santa Cruz quake to Turkey quake)
This is 
or 17 hrs 15.6949 mins UTC.
The bridge actually is reported to have collapsed at 17 hrs 15 mins UTC(22hrs 45 mins IST).
Thus our computation is out by 0.067% !
The dynamics of dams are thus implicated quite deterministically as my deep study on dams indicates.
The year 1993 has been a year of high stress for Mother Earth because of the catastrophic dam initiated surges which caused a number of earthquakes called damquakes by me for short.
See the compliation of data on significant earthquakes,1993(USGS) at 
Notice that there have been one major damquake in January 1993 on the 15th,one on March 6 1993,one on June 8 1993,
one(7.6 MM,shallow 17 km deep at Hokkaido,Japan) on July 12 1993 which killed 200 people including about 165 at Okushiri.One person on a fishing boat was killed off Aomori, Honshu. Three people were missing from the southeast coast of Russia. Severe damage (V JMA) was caused by the earthquake and accompanying fires, landslides and tsunami in southwestern Hokkaido. 540 houses were destroyed and 1,834 others were damaged. Approximately 600 fishing boats were damaged or lost off western Japan, southeastern Russia and South Korea. Tsunami wave heights as high as 30.6 meters was reported along the southwest coast of Okushiri Island, 10 meters along the west coast of Hokkaido, 3 meters at Nakhodka, Russia, 2 meters along the northeast coast of South Korea and nearly 1 meter at Aomori, Honshu. The tsunami affected much of the southeastern coast of Russia and also caused damage to a factory at Kamenka, Sakhalin Island.And look at this great 8 MM damquake on 8/8/1993:
08 08:34:24.9   12.982  144.801  59 G 7.1 8.0 1.1 438 SOUTH OF MARIANA         
                ISLANDS. Mw 7.5 (GS), 7.8 (HRV). Ms 8.2 (BRK). Mo=2.2*10**20 Nm 
                (GS). Mo=5.2*10**20 Nm (HRV). Mo=7.8*10**20 Nm (OBN).           
                Mo=9.0*10**20 Nm (PPT). Forty-eight people injured on Guam.     
                Extensive damage (IX) to hotels in the Tumon Bay area. Cracks   
                tens of meters long and 25-50 cm wide, caused by liquefaction   
                in the underlying soil, damaged facilities at the commercial    
                port and naval base at Apra Harbor. Damage (VII) occurred at    
                several locations in the northern half of the island. One end   
                of the approach to a bridge at Pago Bay fell more than 35 cm.   
                Many landslides and rockslides were reported, mainly in the     
                southern half of the island. The preliminary estimate of loss   
                from damage to commercial buildings is placed at 112 million    
                U.S. dollars and loss from damage to private residences is      
                estimated at several million U.S. dollars. Slight damage (V) on 
                Saipan. Felt (VI) on Rota and (V) on Tinian. Tsunami generated  
                with maximum wave heights at selected tide stations as follows: 
                98 cm at Muroto-misaki, Shikoku; 68 cm on Chichi-shima, Bonin   
                Islands; 58 cm at Tosashimizu, Shikoku; 56 cm at Aburatsu,      
                Kyushu; 46 cm at Mera and Owase, Honshu; 44 cm at Ayukawahama,  
                Honshu; 42 cm at Omae-zaki, Honshu; 34 cm at Hanasaki and       
                Kushimoto, Honshu, 34 cm at Hirara, Ryukyu Islands; 28 cm at    
                Ofunato, Honshu; 24 cm at Kochi, Shikoku; 19 cm at Port Allen,  
                Kauai; 15 cm at Lahania, Maui; 14 cm at Haleiwa, Oahu; 12 cm at 
                Hachinohe, Honshu and Kahului, Maui; 7 cm at Kapoho, Hawaii and 
                Nawiliwili, Kauai; 5 cm at Honokohau, Hawaii.

And look at this in New Zealand(10 August):
10 00:51:53.2  -45.277  166.927  28 G 6.2 7.0 1.1 420 OFF WEST COAST OF SOUTH  
                ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND. Mw 7.0 (GS), 7.0 (HRV). Mo=3.3*10**19 Nm   
                (GS). Mo=3.3*10**19 Nm (HRV). Mo=4.0*10**19 Nm (PPT). Felt (VI) 
                on South Island within 150 km of the epicenter. Power outages   
                reported in the Te Anau area. Felt throughout South Island and  
                in southern North Island. Also felt at Sydney, Australia.  
On the 10th September 1993 a major damquake struck at Chiapas, Mexico.
And we have the disaster in Latur, Maharashtra which was felt by us in Navi Mumbai when the beds vibrated early in the morning of 30th September 1993(IST):
29 22:25:48.6   18.066   76.451   7 G 6.3 6.2 1.0 625 SOUTHERN INDIA. Mw 6.2   
                (GS), 6.2 (HRV). Mo=1.9*10**18 Nm (GS). Mo=2.2*10**18 Nm (HRV). 
                Mo=3.1*10**18 Nm (PPT). Nine thousand seven hundred forty-eight 
                people killed, about 30,000 injured and extreme devastation in  
                the Latur-Osmanabad area. Nearly all buildings were destroyed   
                in the village of Killari. Felt in large parts of central and  
                southern India, including Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad and      
And this in the Eastern New Guinea Region on 13 Oct 1993:
13 02:06:00.3   -5.889  146.020  25 G 6.4 7.0 1.3 423 EASTERN NEW GUINEA       
                REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Mw 6.6 (GS), 6.9 (HRV). Ms 7.2 (BRK). 
                ML 7.1 (PMG). Mo=8.1*10**18 Nm (GS). Mo=2.5*10**19 Nm (HRV).    
                Mo=1.4*10**19 Nm (PPT). Sixty people were killed and several    
                injured in the Upper Markham Valley. Large landslides blocked   
                the Ume River and contributed to many of the casualties.  

Oh! The whole thing is not a fluke, as we at Countercurrent themes would like to point out scientifically. And as Gofman would put it , the science is only semi prudent when there are uncertainties. We must in such cases apply the precautionary principle and stop making the choice till the matter is resolved by designing around our ignorance! See by google search Collaterals of Climate change for a taste of the problem of cumulative positive feedback effects in a society of specialists. So on and on. Either we live or the excesses of modern civilization. We want to live! Stop nukes and instead of dams Reforest Mother Earth to Live!(Google search).
Check out http://earthquakescausedbydams.blogspot.com
and also
for analyses.

And on 2 October 2013 lets remember Mahatma Gandhi's warning:
The only tribute to Mahatma Gandhi anyone can pay is to forego fission nuclear energy cycle as an electricity option. This is because this aspect of modern civilization's cumulative effect on all life namely the self destruction of modern civilization is a critical component of policy which is well on its way to cause extinction. Why? It is because it causes perfect mass murders which great people like Andrei Sakharov foresaw and put an end to atmospheric nuclear tests. But even during normal operations nukes contaminate the planet to make them totally unacceptable. Moreover the deficit energy audit of a programme of nukes hastens the construction of more and more nukes in utter ignorance of the audit. By a cumulative effect this results in extinction, what with hydrodams joining the fray to cause by a nuclear effect the explosion of reactors and waste dumps as happened in Chernobyl, Fukushima and Kyshtym. Please call of all nuke deals now. They are pralaya.