Friday, March 22, 2013

The water shortage in the world is due to the nuclear fuel cycles,stop them and save life.

2.8 billion people are facing water shortage directly because of 370000 Megawatts of nukes gobbling 1.5 billion cubic meters of water daily: Stop nukes.

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World water day
Deepti Kaul (
New Delhi, March 22, 2006
2.8 billion people face water shortage now. Nuclear power plants(370000 megawatts capacity today) alone run on 1.5 billion cubic meters of water per day which is however badly required for these 2.8 billion people to live! And the consumption of water by the nukes is wasted fresh water because the nuclear energy programme consumes much more energy than the electricity it delivers to society outside the nuclear industry year after year. And the fresh water is converted to radioactive water which remains poisoned for 400 thousand years! Thus you solve the water problem by making the UN stop promoting the useless poisoning nukes and making it illegal to go ahead with nuclear energy. Let us all resolve to direct all our energies(at our power peak capacity of 400000 megawatts of living energy, much more than that of the existing nuke capacity) to stop nukes and change our ways to harmonise with nature by cooperatively planting trees and reforesting the world without using dangerous and unacceptable genetically engineered trees. This is the way to survive. Google search for
Isothermal engines, the perfect design for living energy use
and discuss the details.
The link:
The link/reference for forests and their regeneration:
Panurang Hegde.2013. GM trees a threat to forests' diversity. Deccan Herald. March 21 2013.
For a fundamental reason against Genetically engineered life see
Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.2010.Is Justice In or Out? at


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