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Right to life prevails absolutely over nuclear energy programmes.

Re: Koodankulam: A Court In The Supreme Contempt Of Its People
By P K Sundaram

Quote 1:"The Supreme Court’s verdict on Koodankulam rests on three hugely contested premises: the judges’ belief in the necessity of the nuclear energy for India’s progress, their faith in the country’s nuclear establishment to perform its role, and the judges’ notion of the larger public interest and the apprehensions of small sections which should make way for the country’s progress. Not only have the judges given judicial sanctity to these contestable propositions, but have also completely overlooked the Koodankulam-specific brazen violations of the government’s own norms, raised by the petitioners."

Quote 2:"In retrospect, the struggling people of India would find approaching to the Supreme Court in such matters pointless, and counter-productive, as the courts themselves are part of the system which has failed to address the widening gap between the aspirations and lives of the deprived masses and the mainstream notions of ‘larger public interest’. Prayers before the judiciary on such matters ends up legitimising the same ‘experts’ and disastrous notions of progress that the people have been fighting against."(Italics mine).
©  Copyright 2013 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
Nuclear energy programmes year after year consume more energy than they deliver. If one studies the energy audit of the indian nuclear programme(Google search) one sees the truth of this audit. India will get no power from nuclear energy ever and will land in a situation thirty years from now burning coal twice as fast as now. The safety on which Kudankulam or any nuclear fuel cycle boasts of is based on witchcraft which substitutes the effects of external radiation for the infinitely more dangerous internal contamination and prescribes a dose to the public of 1 millisievert per year when in contrast the European Committee on Radiation Risk 2010 allows not more than a tenth of this! The nuclear waste problem is insoluble(See KOLAR,SELLAFIELD AND YUCCA MOUNTAIN!) and nukes require 100% safety which cannot be satisfied because of human fallacy, obvious even at Kudankulam and Jaitapur. With nuclear programmes,  we will be causing at least 40 Bhopals a year of additional cancer deaths.See Kudankulam and Cancer Deaths by Google search. This is the biggest scam of all time. Oh! Well even one Bhopal was enough for the people. Thereafter came Chernobyl(1986)(What were you doing?I wrote a leader in the Kannada daily Prajavani of 29 May 1986 on the negative energy audit of nuclear energy programs: What were NPCIL/DAE/AERB doin?),Naroara(1993)(Why were you sleeping on the turbine replacement advice by GEC?), Kashiwasaki Kariwa(2007)(I warned of Fukushima then itself, what were you doin?) and Fukushima(2011)(What were you doin?)-All these were triggered in addition by the World's dams(See by Google search Glaring lacuna in meeting water needs-The Chernobyl disaster). You do not know and do not know that you do not know. He is wise who listens with a multi log attitude and renouncing all attachment to happenings in the world. But Calumny it is , says the conscience which requires being good in thought word and deed. People must go far beyond the trivial laws which allow nuclear weapons and nuclear energy and on a worldwide basis outlaw them all effectively-one 100 percent.

Regarding 'the judges’ notion of the larger public interest and the apprehensions of small sections which should make way for the country’s progress.', we can dismiss this notion by the argument of the energy audit and health considerations above by stating  that there is no benefit at all to society by incurring contamination of our bodies by nuclear fuel cycles because the energy delivered to society is much less than the energy consumed by the nuclear industry. It is thus a question of avoiding useless actions while preserving health on a permanent basis.

Thus right to all life absolutely prevails regarding the nuclear energy programs as well as nuclear weapons. Thus nuclear energy should never be an option and regarding nuclear weapons, there must be 100 % nuclear disarmament worldwide.


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