Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nukes the biggest non performing assets- they will never perform. RBI please outlaw these NPAs now.

Stop funding nukes, they owe all life everything, including their lives.

R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

"We will continue to sit here and this will be the best Republic Day.
People will come from different parts of the country and this Republic
Day there won't be processions but government will find people on the
And who will be the Chief guest for the Republic Day Celebrations? Abe! And he is the supporter and inciter of the genie Fukushima triple meltdown and death of the Pacific Ocean and deliberate random premeditated mass murder and noted champion of modern civilization whose dams exploded Fukushima Daichi.
These champions in India of nuclear energy are busy creating non performing assets out of scarce minerals and genocide by technological enhancement of uranium:
Read what is in store for the indian nuclear programme during normal
operations in view of our high population density by google search at
Kudankulam and cancer deaths. Table 1 there shows that for a total
nuclear capacity of 33744 MW at Kudankulam,Kaiga,Kovvada, Jaitapur and
Ghorakhpur, non performing expenditure is generated to
the tune of Rs12 lakh Crores at Rs20350 Cr for the Haryana nuke park.
See Table 1 at
Energy audit shows that society outside the nuclear industry incurs at
least 5 times the energy delivered to the society during the entire life
time of the plant! See by google search energy audit of the indian
nuclear programme. Note that an expenditure equal to that for the nuke
park alone is generated for each of the following items: Transmission
and Distribution, requisite hydro generating capacity for stability of grid,waste storage and decommissioning and management.
normal operations of the nuclear fuel cycle, every year at least 87400
excess cancer deaths are estimated due to these nuclear parks in Table
1. Kejriwal sanctioned Rs 1 Crore compensation to the family of a
policeman who died during a raid on a drug mafia recently, cites
newsreports. At this rate reparations for these ensured perfect mass
murders EVERY YEAR would
be Rs 87400 Cr. 20 year reactor operation reparations would be Rs 1.75
lakh Cr. What a perfect deliberate genocide! It is 37 Bhopal immediate
deaths worth @ 2259 persons every year for one Bhopal! Hope the Reserve Bank of India
takes note of the staggering non performing assets generated and nuke
wastes generated and associated omnicide and issues a decree outlawing
nukes forthwith.
The parliament must outlaw nukes.
See  http://energyauditnuclearprogrammeindia.blogspot.in/2013/05/right-to-life-prevails-absolutely-over.html
Today the courts are vehicles where wrong is twisted to be right and right is made into wrong. There is total anarchy in the law and order machinery where law enforcers dont register common people's complaints. Kudos to the Delhi government for fighting for people's legitimate and timely justice. May truth triumph.


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