Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Normal Civilization: Infinite efficiency and Zero Cost

Nuclear Power in the Context of Global Warming

"Four American scientists have proposed giving nuclear power a chance to reduce fossil fuel pollution and mitigate global warming. But from all we know so far, it could be futile to address global warming by replacing one polluting electricity-generation technology with another very risky technology, while not reducing our overall consumption of energy and materials. This article points out that a growing number of studies see a very critical role for renewable energy sources in the near future. Whether to combat poverty or global warming, our attention needs to turn to these cheaper, safer, sustainable, and people-friendly technologies."

Nuclear energy programs and their unacceptability
Nuclear energy programs never deliver any net electricity to society outside the nuclear industry. Thus they are infinitely non-performing liabilities. The government by following this path of modern civilization is accelerating extinction. Uranium mining and enrichment results in amplifying the background
radiation effects in our bodies by a factor of 1000 to 10000. This is because the uranium micro particulates adhere to the phosphatic backbones of our DNAs and cause by a photoelectric
effect beta rays to be emitted from them continuously resulting in infinite biological effectiveness. Read the European Committee on Radiation Risk’s publication ECRR 2010 for this finding of the infinite dangers of internal emitters of ionizing radiation. As we continue to reel under electricity shortage with time because of the adverse energy audit of nuclear programs, planners will double and triple the thermal and hydro generation programs. But dams’ reservoirs by their cumulative effects of extreme water pressure head changes at their center of gravity have destroyed many nuclear reactors and waste storages and by their direct heating up of the earth are causing immediate and persistent climate change. This man-made extinction phenomenon is being disregarded by these players of modern civilization because it does not recognize positive feedback effects of all the changes of reservoir contents of the world taken simultaneously: Dams are separate and non-interacting. Therefore "Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself". Time is running out fast.
This negative efficiency of governance must be replaced by a normal civilization which will transfer the job of providing energy and water for life to an EXTRA-terrestrial source, the Sun with the help of living energy of forests and people. With no mined and engineered inputs from the earth for meeting our needs, we will eliminate the glaring lacuna in the designs of modern civilization which is resulting in extinction and go over to a normal way of life whose foundation is return of all that we take from the earth and cross over to infinte efficiency and zero cost economy.
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